Waste Water Treatment

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Biology Genesis-Aqua™ is an effective environmentally friendly water treatment, made from the revolutionary Biology Genesis™ combination of human friendly active microbial, beneficial enzymes, super catalysing co-enzymes and co-factors.

Biology Genesis-Aqua™ is a completely organic and ecologically harmless method of maintaining proper pond chemistry and environments operations. It also has application for waste water treatment for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Pond, Rubber Mill, Sewerage Plants, and blue - green algae control.

What is Biology-Genesis?

Biology-Genesis is a revolutionary combination of human friendly active microbial, beneficial enzymes, super catalysing co-enzymes and co-factors. It is a natural 100% organic culture without harsh chemicals.

Biology-Genesis provides a source of beneficial intestinal bacteria and helps encourage their growth. All animal have numerous beneficial bacteria living in their digestive tracts, including humans. Animals provide food and a warm home for these bacteria, and in exchange the bacteria help us digest our food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate toxic substances.

Biology-Genesis has been tested by independent laboratories and confirmed to be non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous..

Biology Genesis-Aqua™
benefits include:
· Effective at very low dosages
· Removes Blue Green Algae
· Proven ability to rapidly reduce:
· BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
· COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
· TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
· Turbidity & SS (Suspended Solids)

TKN (Total Nitrogen, including Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites)
· Phosphorous
· Oils & Grease
· Faecal Coliforms

How to Apply

· The following table provides general directions for use for ongoing application. For more information refer to specific fact sheets, or contact technical support on +603 7804 0603 or email sales@fasttrack.com.my

Application for Biology
Genesis Pro-biotic




Waste WaterTreatment Plant

Sewage & industrial

Refer to the fact Sheet as above. For general usage, apply Biology Genesis-Aqua™ to filter bag and suspend in the inflow to WWTP. Apply at 2ppm once initial dosing regime is completed.

Palm Oil Mill

Subject to Pond Condition

Apply 3-5ppm  or 3-5g per 1000L per week.

Rubber  Mill

Subject to Pond Condition

Apply 3-5ppm or 3-5g per 1000L per week.

Grease Trap

Subject to condition

Put the bacteria into filter bag and hang into inlet. Dosage subject to condition.


· Palm Oil Mill Effluent Pond (POME)
Rubber Mill Waste Water
· Industrial Waste Water
· Lake Pond
Water Reservoir
· Sewage Treatment Plant
· Grease Trap
· Clarifier
· Leachate Pond
· River & Canal

What is Enzymes?

Enzymes have played an important role in many aspects of life since the dawn of time. In fact they are vital to the existence of life itself. Civilizations have used enzymes for thousands of years without understanding what they were or how they work. Over the past several generations, science has unlocked some of the mystery of enzymes and has applied this knowledge to make better use of these amazing substances in an ever-growing number of applications. Enzymes play crucial roles in regulating our bodies, digesting our food and converting it to energy and are the basis of every biochemical reaction in the human body.

Enzymes also are instrumental in producing the food we eat, the clothes we wear, even in producing fuel for our automobiles. Enzymes are also important in reducing both energy consumption and environmental pollution.