Welcome to the world of Biology Genesis Technologies. Our unique microbial Biology Genesis based technology is the ideal solution for a wide range of diverse applications that effectively eliminate some of the most complex problems known to mankind. We are constantly developing our range of products and applications using the remarkable properties of our revolutionary core biotechnology that harnesses natural microbial and Biology Genesis functionality with a proprietary protein ‘Super Catalase’ that provides a significant biochemical rate acceleration. Bacteria play a very important role in the global ecosystem. The ecosystem, both land and in the water, depend heavily upon the activity of bacteria. The cycling of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur is completed by the ceaseless labour of the bacteria. If not for the activity of decomposers (bacteria), organic carbon, in the form of dead and rotting organisms, would quickly deplete the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Without carbon dioxide, there would be no photosynthesis in plants, and no food. When organisms die, the carbon contained in their tissues becomes unavailable for most other living things. Decomposition is the breakdown of these organisms, and the release of nutrients back into the environment, and is one of the most important roles of the bacteria. Decomposition of organic material in the compost pile depends on maintaining microbial (bacteria) activity. Any factor which slows or halts bacteria growth also impedes the composting process. Efficient decomposition occurs if aeration, moisture, particle size, and a sufficient source of carbon and nitrogen are in evidence.