Waste management

Waste management is critical to quality of life in modern society. It is a health, safety, environmental, social, political and economic issue of the highest priority. More than 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste is generated globally per year and this figure continues to rise. Key considerations for solid waste management professionals include odor, ground water pollution, and efficiency of land use. From large-scale municipal landfills to waste transfer stations and handling sites, Biology Genesis technology rapidly reduces odor, accelerates solid waste decomposition and improves leachate water quality. Today, Biology Genesis technology provides a solution to every stage of the solid waste management cycle. Landfills can cause pollution to the environment by contaminating groundwater and aquifers, contaminating the soil and producing methane gas from the rotting organic matter. In addition to these problems, the odor attracts disease carrying flies. Our products help organic matter decompose and remove odor.