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Biology Genesis Super Series

Bacteria play a very important role in the global ecosystem. The ecosystem, both land and in the water, depend heavily upon the activity of bacteria. The cycling of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur is completed by the ceaseless labour of the bacteria.

If not for the activity of decomposers (bacteria), organic carbon, in the form of dead and rotting organisms, would quickly deplete the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Without carbon dioxide, there would be no photosynthesis in plants, and no food. When organisms die, the carbon contained in their tissues becomes unavailable for most other living things. Decomposition is the breakdown of these organisms, and the release of nutrients back into the environment, and is one of the most important roles of the bacteria.

Decomposition of organic material in the compost pile depends on maintaining microbial (bacteria) activity. Any factor which slows or halts bacteria growth also impedes the composting process. Efficient decomposition occurs if aeration, moisture, particle size, and a sufficient source of carbon and nitrogen are in evidence.

What is Biology-Genesis?

Biology-Genesis is a revolutionary combination of human friendly active microbial, beneficial enzymes, super catalysing co-enzymes and co-factors. It is a natural 100% organic culture without harsh chemicals.

Bio-Genesis – Decomposition Formula is a mixture of beneficial micro-organisms that produces many type of enzymes to breakdown organic substances, especially cellulose, which breakdown fibre, this will allowed easy digestion by Bio-Genesis – Decomposition Formula micro-organisms and surrounding indigenous micro-organisms. With Bio-Genesis – Decomposition Formula, decomposition time can be shortened without compromising end product quality.

In addition, biology genesis formula can tolerate wide range of temperature and pH level which is key factors of composting process.

Biology-Genesis bio-composting
benefits include:
· Removes odors and smells (does not mask them
Fast acting
· Deters and prevents pest and fly infestations

Rapidly accelerates the composting process to allow for higher usage

Improves the balance and nutrient composition of the end product

Provides the highest quality compost in the shortest possible time
· Easy to use

100% organic, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-chemical, non-pathogenic
Harmless to humans and the environment


· Compose Animal manure
Compose Palm oil EFB
· Compose food waste
· Compose kitchen waste
· Compose organic waste


What is bio composting?

Bio Composting is the purposeful biodegradation of organic matter, such as yard and food waste. The decomposition is performed by micro-organisms, mostly bacteria, but also yeasts and fungi. In low temperature phases a number of macro-organisms, such as springtails, ants, nematodes, isopods and earthworms also contribute to the process, as well as soldier fly, fruit flies and fungus gnats. There are a wide range of organisms in the decomposer community.

The bio composting process should involve purely on 100% organic process without any hazard chemical present and the final product is 100% safe to be use as the bio fertilizer into various kind of industrial and house hold purposes.