Odour Removal Treatment

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Odour emissions are becoming one of the most significant environmental issues facing industry as regulations become more stringent and communities become more aware of air quality issues. Odour pollution and gases from industrial operations or other persistent sources can adversely affect the physical and mental health of nearby residents and workers.

Common problems are: discomfort, health complaints, eye irritations, concerns for children, declines in property values, resulting complaints and litigation from neighbours and regulatory agencies.

Biology-Genesis is an effective, cost efficient and safe solution to deal with some of the world’s most intensive odour problems. We promote a productive and sustainable land management practice by allowing you to adopt the ‘good neighbour policy’ by resolving odour emissions.

Our core odour treatment applications are in the areas of water treatment, agriculture, industrial and municipal (waste and water), almost anywhere, odour is a problem.

What is Biology-Genesis?

Biology-Genesis is a revolutionary combination of human friendly active microbial, beneficial enzymes, super catalysing co-enzymes and co-factors. It is a natural 100% organic culture without harsh chemicals.

Biology-Genesis digests waste products, comprising of fats, protein, carbohydrates and cellulose that cause organic malodour. Biology-Genesis has dual action (gaseous and substrate) and begins working within minutes.

Biology-Genesis reacts bio-chemically with odour-causing molecules, catalysing their transformation into smell-free non-toxic end products which are consumed in nature.

Biology-Genesis does not mask the odour, it rapidly accelerates achievement of full decomposition by denaturing odour compounds to a fully oxidised state.

Biology-Genesis has been tested by independent laboratories and confirmed to be non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-pathogenic and non-hazardous.

Biology-Genesis bio-composting benefits include:
· Fast acting
· Removes rather than masks odour
· Cost effective
· Operative at low dosage rates
· Wide range of operative conditions
· Long residual effective period

Natural anti-microbial action – sanitises as it works
· 100% organic
· Non-toxic, non-chemical, non-pathogenic
· Harmless to humans and the environment

· General Odour Treatment
· Waste Management
· Industrial
· Petro-chemical
· Composting
· Wastewater Treatment/Sewerage
· Marine
· Odour removal for paint surfaces
· Food processing
· Pulp & paper
· Any organic odour


What is bio composting?

An odour is a volatilised chemical compound, generally at a very low concentration, which humans and other animals perceive by the sense of olfaction.

Odours are normally the result of inorganic gaseous emissions (e.g. hydrogen sulphide or ammonia) or organic vapours, which are released or escape into the local environment.

Specific odours can represent a health risk. For example hydrogen sulphide gas, generated by both chemical and biological processes can be toxic.

Biology-Genesis is the most effective, cost efficient and safe solutions for immediate odour relief to some of the world’s most intensive odour problems.

Operative Conditions
for Biology-Genesis





pH 1.5-9.6

Wide range of operative conditions

Oxygen Content


Facultative Anaerobic/Aerobic


Up to 65ppt

Effective in saline condition


0 - 65°C

Wide temperature range


Up to 3ppm

Operative in moderate chlorine condition